220V 100W Banner Hot Heating Knife Electric Heating Cutter Hot Knife Cutter Tool

WHERE TO BUY: https://zushopping.com/220v-100w-banner-hot-heating-knife-electric-heating-cutter-hot-knife-cutter-tool


220V 100W Banner Hot Heating Knife Electric Heating Cutter Hot Knife Cutter Tool.


  • Easily cut EPS, EPE, and XPS foam board, plastic extruded board, insulation board, pearl cotton, foam, sponge, smooth surface, no debris.
  • Can be slotted with skateboard, foam board, insulation board, plastic extruded plates of various shapes easily open slot.
  • With a curved blade and presser foot can do various shapes of foam sculpture, sculpture.


  • Power: Max 150w
  • Speed:controllabe
  • Power source: 220V-230V
  • Blade temperature: heat up to 400 within 6s
  • Power line lemgth: 3m
  • Box dimension: 27 x 24cm
  • Body size:17 x 11cm
  • Security certificate:CE

Matters needing attention:

  • Please be sure to use this tool in the ventilation environment.
  • Do not burn residual debris on the blade or blades will bend.
  • Do not dry burn the blade, please contact the cutting material after heating.
  • Do not contact the blade, do not place the hot blade on the clothes, or flammable material next to the.
  • Please cool the blade after the blade, so as to avoid accidental injury
  • Please do not make the blade burn red without cutting the material.
  • Super power output will make the blade overheating deformation, may also cause the tool to overheat and damage the tool. Adjust the appropriate output power to achieve a reasonable cutting speed.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Cutter Machine
  • 1 x Blade
  • 1 x Small spanner
  • 1 x Wire brush
  • 1 x English instructions
  • 1 x Tool kit



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